What Should You Look For in a Real Estate Agent?

What Should You Look For in a Real Estate Agent?

What Should You Look For in a Real

Estate Agent?

A recent study asked consumers what traits they were specifically looking for when selecting a real estate agent, which yielded some interesting results.


The number one thing that consumers wanted from an agent was that they are receptive and responsive to their needs. This is understandable as communication is crucial to assuring that a customer receives precisely what it is they require.


When interviewing an agent, you should ask them if they work by themselves or with a team. If they work with a team, who can you contact if they are unavailable? You should always be able to reach an agent or somebody on their team with relative ease.



Ask the agent if your listing will be updated weekly and have them clearly delineate how they plan to keep in touch with you. Selling a home is a huge financial responsibility and you need an agent that you can depend on to keep you informed throughout the process.


Lastly, ask your agent what they are doing to market your home. Commissions vary but not all agents are equal. Far too often, people will choose an agent based on price, then be disappointed that their listing suffers from low quality images, no showings and inevitably, no offers.


Not everyone can sell a home and even fewer are effective marketers.


To properly sell a home, it is important to choose an agent with strong negotiation skills, access to high quality marketing and also utilizes professional grade photography in their listings.


This combination is absolutely your best chance for success.


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